Project Updates


So I am sure my readers who are not affiliated with MSU will be disinterested in this post. However, as a part of my project I am communicating with activists who are using twitter as a platform for their activism, so perhaps I wouldn’t hurt to be transparent. So I will update this post weekly with my progress on my Madiba Memory Project. For more information on the project please see this post. As of today I have a spread sheet with over 34,579 tweets that reference Madiba and another with 6,444 tweets that mention RIP Mandela. This will be the data set I will limit myself to for my detailed analysis.

I am working to use google refine to normalize the data in my spread sheet so I can create macros and analyse the data set. I have begun a storify specifically on #israeliapartheidweek that highlights how activists are relating the Palestinian liberation movement and the anti-Apartheid movement. I have sent some questions to an SA activist who is very active on twitter and am awaiting a response to some questions about how Madiba fits into her efforts. I plan to use the time we have allotted for workshoping on Thursday to do some of the grunt work of refining the data set and editing my storify. I hope to use a good bit of your reading from class to write some of the background information on the Madiba legacy over the weekend. Liz kindly recommended the SADET volume that covers the historic relationship between the SA and Palestinian liberation movements. If anyone else has any recommendations they are most welcome.

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