Footage of Police crackdown on anti-Apartheid Protest: Manenberg 1989


I was searching Youtube for a recording of the song Manenberg to listen to in order to gain some inspiration for tomorrow’s second attempt at creating an audio recording for the blog and I ran across this this video of protests of 1989’s tricameral elections in Cape Town and the subsequent police crack down. First, I was curious if anyone had any more information on Afravision, if any of the South Africanists readers knew @tilleybrian, and if Tilley used CVET footage in his work. The Youtube video contains footage from the CVET video I posted beneath it. Some of the footage is pretty similar, particularly around timestamp 11:50 of the ‘History Uncut’ video and timestamp 00:48 of the CVET video.





Follow Link to CVET Video: Police Patrol in Manenburg on Election Day


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